Why this name.  I have always looked out the window thinking that world is different than mine.   In my world I want people to get alone, be nice, respect each other.   A world that has peace, Joy etc.   But, IF you know Me, then you are in my World. and IF I know you, then I am in your world.

But this world is Sick, many many diseases  that is to many count and new ones coming and yet some have treatments and some does have a cure, but the price for that cure is horrendous. 
In my World, I have Lupus, and Plus a long list with too many to get on here. And the list keeps getting longer."Sigh"    But, that's just it.. Medical disease and ailments doesn't take all of me in my world. 

My parents were Ministers in Assembly of God (Pastor etc) and plus Dad had an Upholstery Shop.   Which he tried to teach me a thing or two. ;)  I played the piano, organ, tambourine, Accordion,  and I sang specials, even lead song service a time or two (this is when Dad was pastor) and even taught Sunday school class. all except the Adult Class.  
Jerry and I got married on July 6, 1979 and then we had our daughters.  After dad resign the church (think that's the right word).
A New pastor came and then HE had us doing Children's church. and I started doing puppets. Even had a puppet team.

See my world is full of things that alot of people didn't know about me or my family. But, We are just as human and normal as any other family out there. We have our good points and our bad points. 
And there is more of me than you see. 

as time goes I will update this page.

update on 6/21/2016 @ 9 pm cst.
today i realize that life begins each day. growing up in church all my life, i was protected from things of this world.  after going some drama recently, I learn that it is safer in my own small world. but is it lonely? I do not know..........