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This page is about Lupus.  Tags I made some time ago when I was Learning how.   Some of the Graphics were free and alot of them was on a search engine.  I design the way the Tag looks but the wording is mine with a little help on some.  The websites I used is on the Links.
They are free to use and share. Please do not Crop for it will take away the true meaning of the tag and plus it isn't right.   All my tags will have Evanna's World© and earlier tags probably will have just my Name--Evanna


The 3 main types of Lupus

Often times People do not understand about Lupus. So that's why Some of us decided to Show the public  "what is lupus" thru tags.
Still it is up to you to research it. If  you know someone that has Lupus, Please learn about it.


To me the only way to explain what it is.   Is this.
"Mutiny on the Bounty"
The movie is when the sailors fight against each other. When they were once friends are now became enemies.  Our Good Cells have Turn onto themselves and ATTACK each other as well as the Bad cells do.


Our worse nightmare is the Flares. It gets really serious that we can hardly walk or work or anything and all we want to do is stay in bed because it  hurts so bad.
What gets hurt by Lupus?
The whole BODY
Lupus attacks just about the whole body.  Probably why it is hard to find a cure.  I am sure there is more to this list.  Also there are triggers that can start a flare in our body.

 Will continue.  Thank you

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