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The Beginning of the Beginning.

Hi, I am  Evanna, I was born In an Old settlement town in Texas.
I was one of the 3 that night that was coming into this world.  The Doctor had my mom come in because He was going somewhere the next day and wouldn't be here.  In December She had false labor pains. (Fiddlesticks, I wasn't a Christmas baby)  Instead, I was forced to be born on a very cold night of January 3, 1957. And to this town. I was considered one of the first baby born for New Years Day.  Besides my Mom being called in. He also called in two more ladies. Now, this Hospital is a small one.  And they had them in 3 different rooms. Not sure how old this Doctor was. So he was going from one room to the next. My Mom told me how it was that night, now remember he induced my mom and not sure on the other 2 ladies.  My mom said. "He was hopping from one mother to the Next."  I Still can picture Dr. Hopping like a bunny Rabbit between 3 ladies about to give birth almost the same time.
It seems that the la…