Friday, June 10, 2016

A particular Quote

A saying I heard all my life, not sure who started it.
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This Quote has been going around. Heard it said in many different ways. But, the truth of this saying is this... "Truth, it is what it is" Some People Lie, tell white lies, thinking white lies isn't really a lie. But the truth of the matter is this... A lie is a Lie no matter how it comes about. and a lie is a sin.  A sin?  yes, a Sin. one of the Ten commandments. Thou shalt not Lie.  God said it, he made it into law. And you can't argue with God.  "God says it, accept it!"

"What is the Truth?"  you will know it in your heart. 
But, Be Careful This Truth that needs to come out on.  Can be for the good or bad for you. It depends what it is- it isn't hiding.

Is Rumors Lies?  depends what is being said. But, We shouldn't Rumor on anyone. Why? Rumors have caused more damage to a person's accountability and Reputation. Rumors that are started by someone that has a grudge needs a life of their own. And stop trying to control the situation to their way.  Is Rumors Healthy? no! Rumors a good thing? No! Have I been Rumored? someone told me I was but Now I am not sure.

Just be careful! Trying to hide The Truth is not a good thing. It will eventually catch up with you. 
Because the way I see it now?  "Truth is what it is"
So, Yes, It will always comes out, YOU can't HIDE from it because IT will find you. 

Lupus and "A Poem"

"A poem"
By Evanna
the year is wrong. it's 3-5-2016

When I found out that I had Lupus I was like "what?"
"Lupus? what is that?"
So the Dr that noticed the symptoms from me Knew because his Mom Had Lupus and Diabetes.  
Told the family. He called both me and Jerry to his office. "Some live up to 3 years." he said.  But He figures that I got it about 4 to 5 years before we found it.
Still We needed to find a
We found one. And We both just loved him.
But, Now I need one again.
then Jerry Retired seems I needed someone
here 24/7.
I got an niffy talent.
It seems I know exactly where
and when to fall. Not on purpose.
But, It happens.
Then I was able to get on SSD, the one we had 
from the beginning we liked. Now the one we have now?
very Rude. one of these days I am going to tell them that.
As time went on to now.. I had Physical therapy 
been in the hospital and the way I understand it.. Almost died. but to me?  Just give me oxygen and I go home.
Now As of June 7, 2016
Had my right eye surgery of Cataracts.  It Seems
they was very bad. 
On June 21, 2016 The Left eye will be fixed. 
 I am healing still.

The year on the poem is wrong. It is not 2015 it is 2016

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         The reason why I posted this is that alot of People
can't get help. because they don't look sick enough.
I Was fortunate to get it.. because I am far into it.
they do not realize that If they get help now. A lot of Deaths
wouldn't happen.  Unless they are removing the sickies.
Remember what I said about the end times?
Read the Bible. I am
                                  when my eyes will let me.

Cya later.
Smile, Someone Cares about you.