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Sadness to Positive to Forgiveness to going Forward!

I have found there are a lot of Sadness in the world, I only listed 12 for I know there are more to be said. The main thing is this. Negative begets Negative!

12 sadness I found
Sad that people can't get along with one another.
Sad that people use others to get what they want.
Sad that people have to lie to hide who they really are.
Sad that people misunderstand what is being said.
Sad that people mistreat each other.
Sad that people that lie to cover up another lie
       or make something up.
Sad that people Don't communicate anymore.
Sad that People Don't participate anymore.
Sad that People who will not Listen to reason.
Sad that People who whine and act like children.
Sad that they blame one another when in fact they are part of it.
Sad they want to point fingers.

I am Sad because the World is Sick.
I am sad because people can be downright MEAN to each other!
There is a lot of sadness because of so much Negative in the world.

What to do about it? How?  By being Positive…

A particular Quote

This Quote has been going around. Heard it said in many different ways. But, the truth of this saying is this... "Truth, it is what it is" Some People Lie, tell white lies, thinking white lies isn't really a lie. But the truth of the matter is this... A lie is a Lie no matter how it comes about. and a lie is a sin.  A Sin?  yes, a Sin. one of the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not Lie.  God said it, he made it into law. And you can't argue with God.  "God says it, accept it!"
"What is the Truth?"  you will know it in your heart.  But, Be Careful This Truth that needs to come out on.  Can be for the good or bad for you. It depends what it is- it isn't hiding.
Is Rumors Lies?  depends what is being said. But, We shouldn't Rumor on anyone. Why? Rumors have caused more damage to a person's accountability and Reputation. Rumors that are started by someone that has a grudge need a life of their own. And stop trying to control the situation to the…

The Proposal!

The Beginning of the Beginning.

Hi, I am  Evanna, I was born In an Old settlement town in Texas.
I was one of the 3 that night that was coming into this world.  The Doctor had my mom come in because He was going somewhere the next day and wouldn't be here.  In December She had false labor pains. (Fiddlesticks, I wasn't a Christmas baby)  Instead, I was forced to be born on a very cold night of January 3, 1957. And to this town. I was considered one of the first baby born for New Years Day.  Besides my Mom being called in. He also called in two more ladies. Now, this Hospital is a small one.  And they had them in 3 different rooms. Not sure how old this Doctor was. So he was going from one room to the next. My Mom told me how it was that night, now remember he induced my mom and not sure on the other 2 ladies.  My mom said. "He was hopping from one mother to the Next."  I Still can picture Dr. Hopping like a bunny Rabbit between 3 ladies about to give birth almost the same time.
It seems that the la…