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The Proposal!

Jerry & Evanna

My Friend, we grew up in same Town, Church & School.
We got together one night and we both fell in love or
was we already in love?
who knows.
Then one day I got you to pop the question.
Yes, I did, we were talking about it.
so why not ask me?
And that Night you ask "Would you Marry me?"
I answered:  "Oh, I guess so."
The look on your face was priceless... finally I said.
"YES, I will Marry YOU!"
and since that day
our lives have not been the same again.
We face many good and many bad things.
But, We always made it thru the Grace of our Lord Jesus.
I love you and I Appreciate you 
For what you do in helping me.
For 24/7 you are by my side taking care of me.
because in reality, I can't.
But, I can thru you.
With all my Love, you have my Heart.