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Lord gave me a Word

I received a Word from the Lord on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

I was in Bed and in Excruciating Pain in "My Bones."  Pain and need to pee.  What a combination to occur when the Word from the Lord-Holy Spirit to happen at that moment. With my mind completely blank, just trying to get to the potty chair as fast as I can before Bladder decides it's the winner. (yes, I am handicapped)
This word from the Lord came to me and said.

"Time is Running Out"

I said. "Who?"  then I heard this "Everyone"

"Time is running out- Who?-Everyone"

What does that mean? Could mean anything. I feel that soon the end is coming just like the Bible said.   Tribulation is coming to Earth.   "Judgement is Coming"  for everyone.
Always Pray for discernment and ask The Lord to show you.  
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